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05 December 2008 | Los and Faun
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Wow, I went to the cinemas 2 days in a row. Heeee. =D
The day before yesterday I went to the cinemas with Mak Zam, K. Lang, K. Nor and K.Aisyah. Yesterday I went with Mak Zam, Along, K. Cat, K. Nor and K.Aisyah to watch Los and Faun.

Before we went to KLCC, we stopped at Shell and K. Cat was 'acting' as if she was a worker there asking if we want our windows clean. Freaking funny.
Arrived at KLCC and straigt to Vienna. Hehe. Had that oreo one then went for popcorns. Terserempak with Cikgu Raihana but I didn't tegur her because I'm sure that she doesn't know me. Huhu. Then I went in and sat. And again, Kak Cat was going so-called-overboard with her acting. Haha. Once Los and Faun started, I can't stop laughing. It was like, freaking funny! You should have seen. I was probably laughed the loudest, wait, no, those people in front were louder. A few times, the guy sitting behind me kicked my chair, pissed like gila2.

Then on the way home, went to 7E and
Asma: Ada bandage tak?
That guy: Takde bandage lah kak.
Asma: I'm not a kak.
That guy: Huh?
Asma: Nothing
Yeahh. :P I've always wanted to do that and K. Aisyah did it once. Hehe.
Went through the McD's drive-thru and got Fillet-O-Fish at about 11:45 pm. Went home and ate with Mak Zam then I continued reading Eclipse, only 1 chapter as I'm keeping to my resolution. Then tried to sleep but I can't, so switched on the TV, half way through Wizards of Waverly Place, I fell asleep. Which was around 2:15am. Then, the end.


I better shower, I wanna go to Taska Shaz and I'm suppose to go yesterday but I was being too much of a lazy bum. Everytime I go to Mak Zam's during the holiday, I would always go to Taska Shaz but now I ain't bothered. Orang berubah enn. Haha

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