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11 December 2008 | Midnight Sun
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Yes, I've started reading it.
Emmett rolled his eyes and shook his head.
Lost his mind, poor kid.
I find it funny. =P
I find lots of stuff funny even stuff that aren't funny is funny to me.
What does she see in that freak? Sure, he's rich, I guess. Chick think he's hot, but I don't see that. Too... too perfect. I bet his dad experiments with plastic surgery on all of them. That's why they're all so white and pretty. It's not natural. And he's sort of scary looking. Sometimes when he stares at me, I 'd swear he's thinking about killing me... Freak...
Haha! That was Mike's thought. Bodoh gila.

I just showered and I just ate.
Before, I spilled Thai Chilly Sauce all over my plate and all over the dining room table. Well, my part of the table. Haha. Clumsy.

Done with reading Midnight Sun, next would be Twilight. How gay of me, reading the other books before reading Twilight. Huhu. Atleast I know what will happen, innit?
Arghh. My back aches and my eyes. ouchh. Staring at the computer screen and not looking away from the computer screen fore 1 hour straight. Wouldn't that hurt you? I prefer it on paper if yano what I mean. Why the 'eyl am I talking to myself again. I need my specs, but I think I need to make new once. 'Coz I lost it. =P Gahaha.

Okay, this thing has really been bugging me. I wanted to post it since this morning. But didn't bother to. It's proper annoying. It keeps going around2 in my head:
Yes me lugaso. Yes, that is french they're speaking and no these children aren't french, they're British.
Haha. Call me weird. It was an advert in Manchester that I just remembered. Annoying sihh. It keeps repeating in my head.

Hello again. I just ate my dinner. And really full. I have started to read Twilight from Chapter:Complication. That is because I am too lazy to read the ones before. I'm just going to get tired of it.
Anyway, I would like to share my thoughts for today as Edward Cullen can't read me. (Bodoh gila!)

In Twilightthemovie, I really like Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) the most. And I surely do not know why. I guess it's her hair, no, it's not that. Ashley looks fragile but she's much stronger than what she looks like. So, I don't want to explain the reason for each Cullen//Hale so I'm just going to list it out. Bare in mind, this list is based on the movie not in the book(s).
1. Alice Cullen
2. Jasper Hale
3. Edward Cullen
4. Emmett Cullen
5. Rosalie Hale
(I don't want to include Esme and Carlisle as I really don't know my impressions of them.)

In Twilight the series, I obviously like Edward Cullen the most and I have no idea why. The 'like' in the sentence 'I like Edward Cullen' strengthened after I read Midnight Sun. And again, same for Alice, I do not know why. But probably it's because of his personality. I can totally imagine how he is but I can't describe it, Sorry. And again I will list it out in the other I prefer them in.
1. Edward Cullen
2. Alice Cullen
3. Emmett Cullen
4. Rosalie Hale
5. Jasper Hale
(As you can see, again, I did not include Esme and Carlisle and the reason is the same as what I stated before.)

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