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12 December 2008 | mornin'
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This will be my 3rd post for this holiday of updating-as-I-go, if yano what I mean, which I hope you can 'coz I aint explaining. =D As I said yesterday, I started reading Twilight and now I am on a chapter called The Game. Yesterday, while I was reading, I read something funny and kinda mean.

"...Rosalie brought her... tenacity. Or you could call it pigheadedness," he chuckled.
Very mean, innit?

I made cheese cake. I forgotten how to spell cheese then. Haha.

My cousins are at my house. Be aware. I mean, beware.
I locked my doors. =D haha. and soon I'll have to clean up this room. Glad to do so.
Anyway, that cheese cake, was very soft. Used a different cream innit. See how things can change by just a little change. Doesn't make sense? Haha. Anyway, I'm re-reading twilight and I have no idea wow. *Knocks my head on the wall*. Okay, I still want to read it, which means, there must be something wrong with me, not my brain. Okay, that doesn't make any sense either. My throat, it burnssss! I'm thristy, I need blood a drink. I better shower, before it's too late... and I can't wait for you to be gone. I'm distracted, so easily. Whats with me? Too much of Twilight. Anyway, for EVERYONES INFORMATION, I've finished reading the Twilight series. And I am GILA PROUD of myself. *sekali sekala apa salahnya?*
*Slaps myself* I just remembered that I need to shower. So like, bye. FOR NOW.

Before, I seriously can't eat peacefully. I kept feeling like bursting, seriously. One of my cousins, what's his name? Aiyoo. lupe. How mean. Well, he was saying that his teacher thought him the 2 words 'SHUT UP!'. So apalagi en, gelak arr. I was drinking that time so I nearly burst.

I was thinking, I read Midnight Sun innit, well, after Edward took a bite of that pizza he was like "I sighed as I thought of how I would have to choke it back up later," and I was like "oh yes, vampires don't go to toilets," and I was thinking:
Question: Where does the blood he drinks end up?
Answer: Well, he drinks the blood for energy which means the blood runs out, which means, the blood is like energy. Well, i just said that. Which means blood is their energy and food is our source of energy.
OMG. I'm crapping again.

I'm off to bed. Not sleeping, but to the bed. Haha. I have no mood to stay up late. Because I'll end up sleeping at 3 re-reading *lemme see what i want to re-read* Eclipse?
*sigh* Why am I so addicted to these craps.


Ehh, ehh. Lupe pulak.

Eh-DONE. *Baru betul*

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