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29 December 2008 | Motherboard.
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I went to Cineleisure at The Curve, not to the cinemas though, to the IT shops at the ground floor. Went to one of the shop and ...

G1=Guy 1
G2=Guy 2
G3=Guy 3

P: Kat sini jual motherboard tak?
G1: Bang, motherboard tu apa?
G2: Haha, kau, motherboard pun tak tau.
G1: Haha, kalau kau tau sangat, motherboard tu apa?
G2: *grins and walk away*
Us: *walked out of the shop then walked to the other section of the shop*
G2: Weyh, mother board to apa?
G3: Alaa, kalau kau bukak computer, motherboard yang paling besar tu.
G2: Kiteorg jual tak?
G3: *geleng2*
G1: Bang, kiteorg tak jual motherboard
Me: *tahan gelak, tahan gelak*

Apalah, kedai IT, motherboard pun tada. I need a motherboard for my comp, that's why we went.

Ouh and I saw 2 gay couples at MetroJaya. HAHA.

Eh-DONE. alrriiighhhtt

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