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31 December 2008 | Nananenana
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Haha. 4th post today. I have a feeling that I will miss this thing.
Oh and papa, as I said before, I won't give you your Lenovo back until you give me Photoshop. HAha.
How mean am I? The net book ain't even mine. Haha. Oh well.
Tonight before 11:30PM, I'm gonna make a post with the time that says 12:00AM because my dad blocks the internet at 11:30PM so don't go 'It's not even New Year yet and your post is already there.'
I'm using Webs for everyone's information. But I think I'll get bored using it and I'll probably jump back to Blogger. I can't remember what my URL is, how sad am I? Very, I know.


I'm not telling you yet. =P

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