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18 December 2008 | OH MY GOD!
2 Comments / 9:05 am

My mum's delivering at 11AM. UNEXPECTED.
Yeah, so like, doa from all of you is appreciated. =)


Anyway, for next year, I'm going to blog using WORDPRESS! Because it looks cool.

Ahmad Muaz Hazim is now born. (Alaaa! I don't want that name)
Ahmad Ameer Hazim is now alive. (The name I want)
No, I'm not getting what I want this time. My mum's like, dah ada Amirul dah. And I was like its Ameer. Ay, em, double-ee, arrr. Arghh.
Oh and my mum said panggil je lah dia Ameer, I don't mind. -.-'

This also means that I have to remember a new date, 18th December. Haish.
But wait, look at this, Papa-Sept Me-Oct Mami-Nov Baby-Dec
HAHAHA. how gay. But my birthday is still in between my mum and my dad's, so take that lil' kid! I have a STRONG feeling that I will be jealous of this new addition to this family.

My 'new' brother was born on exactly 11AM, cool, no? Haha. And today's also Kak Shu's birthday, cool innit! No, I just killed it.

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