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04 December 2008 | Popcorn
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I woke up early today, as you can see. If I want to blog, I have to wake up early if not, I'll be fighting with Kak Nor and Kak Aisyah for it. Haha. I'm now at Mak Zam's house so I'm typing this post out on Kak Aisyah's laptop. The internet's quiet slow but it's better than none, innit?

My new book's resolution is only to read 1 chapter of it per day. Haha, yeah, Eclipse.

This thing is being a pain in the ass. I swear, it is. *calm down*

Okay, yesterday, I arrived here at 6 pm and at 8 I went to the cinema's at IDK what's the place's name is. Haha. I watched James Bond, I know, laugh all you want. When I walked into the cinema, Mak Zam gave me the popcorn and I dropped the bag of popcorn on the floor. -.-' I don't really understand the movie, I just kinda like the action. Kak Lang fell asleep, haha.

This thing is being a pain in the ass. I swear, it is. *calm down*
(I just feel like repeating it. Haha.)

Byebye. I might not blog from today, wait tomorrow I'll blog, kot. But tomorrow I'm going to Muar, Johor. Yeay, sarcasm. I actually can hear Danial's voice but I'm not sure if it's his voice and I'm not bothered going downstairs so lets leave it a mystery. Stupid sentence, that was. Haha.

I'm off to my dreams now. (SLEEPING time!) Yeay! Now that wasn't sarcasm. Hehe. Stop crapping, Asma! *slaps Asma across the face* Asma's crying, boo hoo. CRY BABY!

I needa comb my hair, I look like a shaggy bulldog. Haha, bulldogs don't have hairs, STUPID!
I needa comb my hair, I look like I've just woken up. Double stupid.
I needa comb my hair, I look like a shaggy husky. *stares* WHAT?
Huskies are cute. =D

(Eleh, Kak Nour, dah dia tak kenal Wu Chun nak bajet2 Jason hot. eee.)

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