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17 December 2008 | Runescape Christmas Event 2008
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Runescape Christmas Event 2008 : CHECK.
I got a set of Santa clothes. But instead of pants, I got a skirt. I wore it with my rainbow boots (Security quest) , my white and red scarf (Christmas Event 2006) and my red and white hat (Christmas Event 2006). It looks good together. Oh and at the Mystical Quest, well, I kinda cheated. Haha, it's kinda hard, kene guna otak. So I used Wikipedia, hehe. I was trying to take a screenshot of my character in runescape but it turned out pixeled, so yeahh. Ouch, my neck hurts and my nose and my throat. Ouch. Ouch. I haven't showered yet. =P Hehe. I think I'm going to shower after this. I'm not sure yet. Why am I telling you all this?

Kak Aisyah's taking her RAE test in around 1 hour. And she'll be stuck in the hall for 1-3 hour(s). My dad said they won't let you out until 1 hour has past. Andand she'll have to answer 100 questions and if she wants to pass she has to answer atleast 50 questions correct. And as I said yesterday she'll be one of the first fourteen years old to take the RAE test. Which is not really fair, for me. haha. But I mean, if she pass the test and if she gets a callsign who is she going to QSO with? She'll still have to wait for Nurul and me, innit? Haha.Urghh, we have to wait like a whole year. ARGHH. and since mine and Nurul's birthday is on October we have to wait a whole year. Only if we were born on January or somin, we can take the test early next year. Only if... only if... only if...

Aaaa! I really want to wear those robes to school.


I just came back from Tesco. I bought all the stationaries I'll need for next year. Oh and theres a photography class this Saturday but I'm not going because two someones that are very special to me are coming to visit who are FatManScoop and GayFag. Joke je lah. haha. Nina and Munirah's coming over. Which means How to Make Sushi Take 2. =D Can't waitt. Hehe


'ey everyone! Listen Up! I mean READ UP!
Lola has a blog! She I just made it before. Her URL is http://lolapedia.blogspot.com/ . I'm going to add it to my 'minutely boredness'. Because she bores me.

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