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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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16 December 2008 | Tak faham ke?
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Some people just doesn't understand what this means :

And when they don't understand, this is what they do:

I would have canceled her name and the picture but I don't feel like it. People like these really pisses me off. NO OFFENCE. I'm not boasting or anything but on my Myspace, I have 200 friends (not much, i know). But, I don't even contact with like half of them. They just crowd my myspace and that's why I don't want people who doesn't know me, to add me because they'll end up being denied. What part of I AM NOT FRIENDLY, don't they understand? Not is used to express negation, denial, refusal, or prohibition. And friendly is a characteristic of or befitting a friend. And why the 'eck am I writing all this in my blog?


I just uploaded pictures on my Myspace, not like any of you would care. Okay, I have nothing to talk about but I'm a new fan of Taylor Swift. LOL. I didn't know she sang Teardrops On My Guitar. Haha, seriously. And my favourite song got to be 'Love Story' and 'Forever and Always'. I find her really cool, I mean, she writes a song for like every changes in her life. So yeah, that's kinda cool. Andand it 'seems' like she lives her life like normal teenagers. She is still a teenager innit? Adults are 21+, kan? Okay, what I'm trying to say is, like, Miley Cyrus, she goes over-the-top with her life of being famous and all and Taylor Swift is always cool about it (kot). Do not correct me if I'm wrong. =P. Taylor Swift she's not OBSSESED with herself like some famous people (pointing fingers at ...). Haha. I should stop now, shouldn't I?

Oooo. Tomorrow, RAE exam. Good Luck sistaahhh. See, I'm kind, you go pissing me off at the dinner table but look, I'm still wishing you luck. Next time, appreciate what I do, atleast I made the drink and atleast i pour it in the glass innit. Oh, and making fun of my cooking is very fun innit? *sarcasm*


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