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18 December 2008 | unexpected
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Okay, now I'm going to show you my conversation with Nurul Farhana about what happened this morning.

Asma Hamid: oh haha
Asma Hamid: and pagi tadi, my dad was like, mami bersalin on the 11th (Well thats what i heard him say)
Asma Hamid: and then he went, kteorg nk pgi hospital so i was like kenapa?
Asma Hamid: and my dad said tak nak jumpe mami ke. so i was like watpe nak jumpe mami?
Nurul Farhana: hahahaha
Asma Hamid: then sampai2 hospital tgk2 my mum nak masuk labour room so i was like, you said mami nak bersalin on the 11th! and he went, manada i said at 11.


And another convesation about the baby's name.

Nurul Farhana: whats his name??
Asma Hamid: his name?
Asma Hamid: not sure
Asma Hamid: but my mum wants it to be Ahmad Muaz Hazim
Asma Hamid: but I want it to be Ahmad Ameer Hazim
Nurul Farhana: hahaha
Asma Hamid: but my mum wants Muaz and me and my sister wants Ameer
Nurul Farhana: so then... what happens?
Asma Hamid: So, we're not sure. If his name is Ahmad Muaz Ameer, it doesn't sound right
Asma Hamid: kalau Ahmad Ameer Muaz pun cam, entah
Asma Hamid: does it sound okay|?
Nurul Farhana: haha
Nurul Farhana: it's a bit hard to say
Nurul Farhana: :?
Asma Hamid: and then my other brother spoilt mine and my sister's day, he won't support us on calling him Ameer, so then kteorg mcm gler mrh kt dia, and my sistersaid when he comes back home, we're not going to speak to him
Nurul Farhana: hahahahaha
Nurul Farhana: your brother wants the name your mom chose?
Asma Hamid: Ahmad Ameer Muaz sounds weird too
Asma Hamid: my brother don't really mind asalkan ada Hazim kat dalam
Nurul Farhana: hahah.
Asma Hamid: but me and my sister have a stronger thingy, because theres two of us
Asma Hamid: but then my dad wants to support my brother because he USED to be the only son my dad got
Asma Hamid: Urghh!
Nurul Farhana: :)
Nurul Farhana: you have to decide by next week right?
Asma Hamid: I'm not sure
Nurul Farhana: haha
Asma Hamid: but my mum did say kalau nama dia bukan Ameer pun, we can still call him Ameer, but yano, when you it goes like that, when we call him Ameer, it won't sound right
Nurul Farhana: haha. and mesti die confused.
Asma Hamid: exactly

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