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09 December 2008 | While I was away
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While I was away, this was what I did.

Urghh, I was stranded at kampung for like 3 days and now I came back, I'm suppose to relax and all but nooooooo. Someone's making me do my chores. -.-'

I'm too tired to post anything.
On Friday was Ustazah's last day and I'll upload the picture later. My later would be another month or even another year.

Then I went back to kampung and I finished off Eclipse. Now I'm on Breaking Dawn, Book 1, chapter 7; unexpected (I think).

I bore myself to death these days.

My bro and me were talking with our mom about college and stuff.

And I'm probably not going to stay at this school sampai Form 5
Nak pegi US and everything.
Talking about the future already? Haha. My mum said there's no point of going to US when you're just going to some non-high-rated universities. -.-'

Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby, Leah told me.
On his head, apparently.
He used to gnaw on the crib bars, too.
Lead paint?
Looks like it, she thought.
“You know how you drown a blonde, Rosalie?” I asked without stopping or
turning to look at her. “Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool.”
I'm doing this as I go, its funny. haha. ''Jom kita gelak sama-sama." =D I like saying that. sounds sarcastic, but I'm not being sarcastic right now.


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