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13 December 2008 | Wildchild.
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Have you watched it? It's stupid!
Haha. Fine, it ain't that stupid.
But the sad thing about it is, Alex Pettyfer ain't got a lot of parts in there. So yeah, sad.
I haven't showered yet. :P
Why would you care innit? OMG. Today's Saturday and I'm disliking it.
I wanna read the twilight saga again. =D
Okay, I only read the good bit. Too scared to read the un-good bit.
I don't want to have a nightmare do I?
Oh yeah, I didn't sleep well lastnight. I kept sneezing. Can't stop sneezing. =(
and yesterday I watched Grease! HAHA! It was funny, KAisyah and Shami singing. LETS LAUGH.


NURUL FARHANA! Guess what you did? You made me listen to Love Story By Taylor Swift the whole day. I can't stop listening to it now. Haha. (Tak pasal2, kene marah) =P
Yes, I can't stop listening to that song. Ouch, that song is in my head now.


God, help me out here. Stop my addiction on the twilight saga. I can't stop reading it, you know. 'course you don't know. Arrrgghh, and New Moon the movie's coming out NEXT YEAR DECEMBER. That's like a whole year. I have to wait a whole freaking year.
O. N. E. W. H. O. L. E. Y. E. A. R. and I can't live with that. :(
Alaaaaa. Why? Why? I bet you, tonight I'm gonna read one of the book from the twilight series. Caya tak? Caya tak? Cayaa, lahhh. Haha. Oh yeah, I had pasta for dinner.
OMG. My cousin's pissing me off. OMG. Rasa cam nak bunuh er. Fine, tak sampai tu but still. Cam urghh.


I'm going to bed now. And the same as yesterday, just going on the bed, I ain't gonna sleep.


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