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31 December 2008 | Wow, this guy can't stop accusing.
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And wow, 3 posts in a day which means this might be my second-last post on this blog.

Amer, aku akan tolong kau beritahu satu dunia. Tengok, aku baik.
Some people tend to think that they are much superior from others just because they spend a couple of years overseas. They would constantly say thinks like "Oh When I was in the UK we did thinks better!" or "If I were in UK they would handle things like this..." even this " Malaysia sucks compare to UK!". Oh oh they would also speak in English with an accent as in to show off to other people that the had been living overseas for a year or two... [more]
-Amer Arif
This was meant for me. He doesn't know me AT ALL may I say and he goes accusing me. Ishk3. A lot of sins he made. Go on read it and click the comments at the bottom of the post. Wait, it would be easier if I posted it here.

This is what I replied:
WOW. indeed very not-offensive. Correction, I was in Manchester for 5 years. And for your information, I did grow up overseas. Just because I don't mix with you that doesn't mean I don't mix with other malaysians. Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. Oh and as far as I know, ALL of my friends can understand everything I say. People who can't understand are the people that either doesn't know english or people who doesn't want to even try to understand. Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. Oh and when I went to Manchester, I was only in Year 1 which means I didn't know how to speak english then which means I learnt english there which means you better stop accusing people. Oh and yeah, probably I did say something like I hate Malaysia but that was ages ago before all the malays stopped calling me a show off, before all the malays accepted me and before all the malays treated me like a malay. And if I said that UK is better, I'm just telling the truth, who wouldn't agree? UK is a developed country and Malaysia is a developing country.
Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. And yeah, probably I did spell it like that on purpose to show you that you're not everything as how you act like you you are but I didn't do it to show off, bare that in mind.

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