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02 December 2008 | Wu Chun! =D
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Wu Chun

He's so HOT and I love his hair.
He's an actor, a singer(Fahrenheit), a model, a business man and he's from Brunei! What more can you ask for innit. ;)
He acted in Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) and in Romantic Princess but I haven't watched Romantic Princess yet.
Haha. I really want to hear him speak Malay but I can't find any on youtube except one, he said SEDAP, that's it. Even Mr Thomas can say that, haha. They way he speaks English is the same way Mr Cher (my English teacher in SMKWM) speaks English, so yeahh.

Joe Cheng // Zheng Yuan Chang

This guy doesn't interest me much. But yeah, he's alright. He acted in 'It started with a kiss' and Kak Ngah bought me those stickers with his face on 'em. Haha

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